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Help file for NodeXL (v.172+)

A detailed help file describing each of the features and functions of NodeXL is now shipping in the project since version v.172.

A detailed outline of all the topics covered is available:

The help file will be updated as new features are added.

NodeXL Excel Template Help File:

An Overview of Network Graphs
A Quick Tour of the NodeXL Workbook
The NodeXL Worksheets
The Graph Pane
The NodeXL Ribbon Tab
Creating a Simple Graph
Directed vs. Undirected Graphs
Graphs with Isolated Vertices
Zooming, Moving Around and Scaling the Graph
Zooming the Graph
Moving Around the Graph
Scaling the Graph
Selecting Graph Elements
Selecting Vertices
Selecting Edges
Changing How the Graph Looks
Default Visual Properties: Graph Options
Setting Visual Properties for Individual Edges, Vertices or Groups
Automatically Calculating Visual Properties for All Edges, Vertices or Groups
Labeling Edges and Vertices
Changing How the Graph is Laid Out
Layout Algorithms
Selectively Laying Out Parts of the Graph Again
Snapping Vertices to a Grid
Layout Options
Saving an Image of the Graph
Analyzing the Graph
Calculating Graph Metrics
Creating Subgraph Images
Using Dynamic Filters
Working with Options
Using the Current Workbook’s Options for New Workbooks
Exporting and Importing Options
Resetting All Options
Working with Groups
Creating Groups
Creating Groups by Vertex Attribute
Creating Groups by Connected Component
Creating Groups by Cluster
Manually Creating Groups
Understanding the Group Worksheets
How Groups Are Shown in the Graph Pane
Selecting Groups
Collapsing and Expanding Groups
Removing Groups
Showing and Hiding Workbook Columns
Showing and Hiding Graph Elements
Importing Graph Data
Importing Graph Data from Other Programs
Importing Graph Data from Another Workbook
Importing Graph Data from Email
Importing Graph Data from Online Social Networks
Exporting Graph Data
Exporting Graph Data to Other Programs
Exporting Graph Data to Another Workbook
Merging Duplicate Edges
Automating Common Tasks
The NodeXL Network Server
Where to Go for More Information

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