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A Sample Settings File for NodeXL: An automated recipie for making Twitter network visualizations

Starting in version .165 of NodeXL we have supported the idea of an options file that can be imported, exported and exchanged among users.

If you have set all the knobs and dials of your copy of NodeXL just right, you can export these adjustments and configurations into a single file.  Use the NodeXL>Options>Export feature to create a named file containing your settings.  You can now exchange this file with others.  If you receive an options file, you can use the NodeXL>Options>Import feature to pick it out from the file system and set your copy of NodeXL to the settings defined in that file.

If you use the related NodeXL>Options>Use Current for New feature you can set the defaults for NodeXL to the settings contained in any imported options file.

I have been fine tuning a settings file that generates network visualizations that are tailored for the Twitter networks I have been making many of.  I have saved these sample settings file for NodeXL and you can try them yourself here: NodeXL-Twitter Network-Options Settings.NodeXLOptions.

Download this file, rename it by removing the .txt extension and load it into your copy of NodeXL.

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