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NodeXL (v.166) Keyboard Shortcuts

NodeXL now (v.166) offers users a set of keyboard shortcuts that can speed up your routine network layout tasks.

After you click in the graph pane, a number of keyboard shortcuts are now available for functions that had previously been available in the visualization pane’s right-click menu. Now, you can press:

Ctrl+A to select all vertices and edges
to select all vertices
to select all edges
to deselect everything
to edit the properties of the selected vertices
to save the graph image to the Windows clipboard
to save the graph image to a file
Arrow key
to move the selected vertices a small distance
Shift+arrow key
to move the selected vertices a large distance.

(If you forget a shortcut, most of them are listed in the graph pane’s right-click menu.)

If you have any suggestions for other frequent tasks that could be accelerated with a keyboard command, please contact us on the NodeXL discussion board or here in the comments.


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