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NodeXL maps of tweets about Quantified Self – May 2011 Conference in Mountain View, California

The very interesting Quantified Self conference will be held in Mountain View, California, May 28 and 29, 2011.  These events feature short presentations about practices, prototypes, and products that record information about our own behavior and activity.  It is great to hear that, as the meet-ups grew to become very large, a conference has been scheduled to accommodate the demand and growing interest in the intersection of sensors and other devices with medical and personal self-monitoring.  Using a variety of devices, our lives can now create detailed inscriptions that illuminate our behavior and patterns with novel clarity and detail.  (See: Social media is already filling up with tweets and status updates created automatically when people run, cycle or walk while wearing a sensor.

One way to map the social media forming around the idea of a “quantified self”  is to map the connections among the people who recently tweeted the string “quantified self“.

20110120-NodeXL-Twitter-Quantified Self Graph Highlighted Most Between User with tooltip

This is the list of the most “between” users in this network:
20110120-NodeXL-Twitter-Quantified Self Graph Top Between List

The most between participants in this graph are: @quantifiedself, @egadenne, @harscoat, @genomera, @neufit, @jxa, @agaricus, @emergentorder, @bulletproofexec, @2healthguru.

The topics discussed in the quantifiedself tweet stream can be rendered as a network graph based on words that co-occur:
20110120-NodeXL-Twitter-Quantified Self High Between Keyword Co-occurance Network Graph


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  1. Thank you Marc for these fascinating network graphs. I am looking at them enlarged and seeing how this changes my view of the community.

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