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Contrasting “climate change” and “global warming” twitter maps with NodeXL

Building on the earlier post about the twitter network maps for topics like “oil spill“, “bp“, and “solar“, here is a map of the terms “climate change” and “global warming”.  This first map is of the connections among the people who recently tweeted the term “climate change”.  There is a sizable population of  isolates, people who tweet the term without connection to anyone else who tweets the same term.  These are likely to be the casually engaged people who mention the topic but do not engage many others in a conversation or exchange.  The graph is dominated by the giant component that contains prominent general and specialist political news media.

2010 - May - 7 - NodeXL - twitter climate change

In contrast, this is the map of the term “global warming” with many more isolated tweets and two major clusters in the giant component, a group of global warming deniers and a smaller group of with scientific affiliations and content.

2010 - May - 7 - NodeXL - twitter global warming

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