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SNAP new network metrics into NodeXL – performance, speed, and scale updates and additions in NodeXL v.122


The Stanford Network Analysis Platform (SNAP) ( is a high performance library for calculating network metrics of potentially very large graphs. Working with SNAP author and Stanford Computer Science Professor Jure Leskovec, the NodeXL team is releasing a new update with expanded support for network metrics. With SNAP integrated into NodeXL we have improved the scale and speed performance significantly (*very* significantly!).  As of this release (v. the Betweenness Centrality, Closeness Centrality, and Eigenvector Centrality measures are calculated using the SNAP library. In addition we have added the Page Rank metric calculated by SNAP to the list of supported network measures.  Two additional clustering algorithms automatically group nodes together into collections. With SNAP integrated into NodeXL we have added two clustering algorithms: Girvan-Newman and Clauset-Newman-Moore.

What network metrics matter most to you?

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  1. Very cool! Need to download the new version and check it out. Particularly interested in the new clustering algorithms!

    If only it ran on my Mac I’d be in business! 🙂

  2. My mind is blown with every post I read. -this is a good thing! I’d have to say my fav metrics are the Betweenness & Eigenvector.

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