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30 April 2010, Friday – Workshop: Social Media Network Analysis: Next Practices in Social Network Analysis, Tools and Media

the future of networks

I will present a workshop on social media network analysis at the next Network Singularity event at Fort Mason on the Bay in San Francisco on April 30, 2010.

future of networksfuture of networks
Bay Area and Silicon Valley Network: Special Action/Research Event

Social Media Network Analysis: Next Practices in Social Network Analysis, Tools and Media

Friday 30 April 2010
8:00am -5:00pm

The Future of Networks.Workshop Abstract
Why do some social media and online groups succeed when others fail? How do different collections of online media and populations of authors and users differ from one another? How do patterns of contribution vary? How do these differences illustrate the roles people play within their communities?

Patterns of contribution and connection determines social media success. Visualizing these network patterns aids implementation, adoption, security and effectiveness of social media. A range of Internet social media including discussion groups, Twitter, enterprise social media, communities-of-practice, blogs and email are presented, analyzed and visualized. Network patterns are explored to illustrate the scope of variation among social media repositories and between types of contributors.

Maps and patterns of interaction deliver a far more comprehensive view of social media. These views generate actionable findings to improve social media effectiveness, syndication and collaborative outcomes. Network analysis and intelligence can guide community cultivation, coordination and development tasks. New network capabilities provision features that improve search, ranking and consumption of user generated content.

freely available, open source tool will be demonstrated to perform basic social media network analysis for contemporary social media that should be relevant to business models and organizations of all types. Delegates will be equipped to use social network techniques to improve overall effectiveness and impact of social media, communities-of-practice and social software applications. Participants may expect to achieve immediate improvements in key business activities such as marketing, sales, engineering, support, service, innovation and overall organizational effectiveness.


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