Contrasting “ashtag” with “ashcloud” Twitter networks with NodeXL

The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland has created disruption of air traffic around the world and particularly through Northern Europe.  A similar eruption of tweets has followed, focused around a series of hastags including “#ashtag”, “#ashcloud”, and “#volcano”.

The #ashtag network is highlighted by well known technology bloggers.

2010 - April - 16 - NodeXL - Twitter - ashtag

In contrast the map for the tag “#ashcloud” is dominated by the UK and Scottish travel and Foreign office twitter accounts.

2010 - April - 18 - NodeXL - Twitter - ashcloud multiline tooltip

This image features a minor but useful tip for building multi-line tooltips.  This can help pack a lot of information about a Node into the tooltip.  To build a multi-line tooltip use the “&CHAR(10)&” feature to glue other columns of data together along with labels.

Add a column to the Vertices worksheet and paste something like this into it:

=”Twitter user: “&Vertices[[#This Row],[Vertex]]&” – Followers:”&Vertices[[#This Row],[Followers]]&CHAR(10)&”Description: “&Vertices[[#This Row],[Description]]&CHAR(10)&”Last tweet: “&Vertices[[#This Row],[Tweet]]

Which creates a tooltip with multiple lines containing the Twitter User name, the number of their followers, a new line containing their user description followed by their last tweet on another line.  Any concatenation of columns contents can be assembled in this way.

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