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Right-click nodes in the NodeXL graph pane to link to lots of things.

The right click menu is a source of many good things in NodeXL. In the graph pane, the right click menu contains several options of possible interest.

This is a map of the recent connections among twitter users who tweeted the string “NodeXL”.  Each profile photo is scaled to the number of followers that person has.  In this image one author node is right-clicked and reveals some useful options.  Highlighted in the image is the option to open the twitter page for this person.  Also of use is the Edit Selected Vertex Properties option where nodes can have their labels moved around (top, bottom, left, etc) and switched on and off in the graph.

Right-click features appear elsewhere in the application.  It is worth poking at things with the right-click menu but we will be working on surfacing these options more clearing in forthcoming releases.

You can add your own right-click menus to your own networks by using the custom vertex menu option.  Find out how after the jump.

Select the “Customize” button from the “Menus” section:

This leads to:

Select Yes and you will have two new columns in your workbook on the vertices worksheet.  One column contains information that is used in the menu label.  The second column contains any URL that will be executed when the menu item is selected.

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