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Data provider (spigots) in NodeXL: networks extracted from social media

water spigot switch
Attribution-ShareAlike License by chris.corwin


We have several data import providers (spigots) in NodeXL that query popular sources of social media for information that can be processed into a network graph.  User and search term networks from Twitter, YouTube, and flickr have been implemented for a while along with a connector to email reply networks through the Windows Search Index.  NodeXL also imports data from several popular network analysis file formats, opening up data sets and sample libraries used in many courses.

Recently, we added a 3rd party provider for web hyperlink networks through the VOSON service from Prof. Robert Ackland at the Australian National University.

We plan a number of additional data import spigots and would like to know about additional sources of network data structures that would be of interest.

The following data sources are possible targets for a new data provider.  Which matter most to you? SharePoint? Exchange? Active Directory? LinkedIn? Media Wikis?

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  1. I agree – but I am not sure if network data is easy to export from LinkedIn. Do you know anyone interested in helping build a LinkedIn data provider?

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