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RWTH Aachen – Browse ACM conference networks over the web

There are hundreds of conferences sponsored by the ACM on almost every topic related to computing.  In some cases the same person will publish a paper in more than one conference, creating a tie between them.  Below is a network map application that displays a collection of ACM conferences connected by this authorship tie:

The application is a project created by Manh Cuong Pham a graduate student at RWTH Aachen University, Dept. of Databases and Information Systems working with Prof. Ralf Klamma.

2009 - December - RWTH Aachen - AERCS Screenshot

This image displays the isolated component that is composed of the “social” conferences in the ACM schedule: CHI, CSCW, DIS, UIST, GROUP, ECSCW, and Interact.  The overview illustrates the macro structure of the graph, with the prominent giant cluster of core computer science topics like algorithms, machine learning, and logic.  The rows below this cluster are populated by an archipelago of conferences, a few composed of ten to twenty conferences, but most made up of two to five conferences.  These are the more marginal topics in the ACM world, in contrast to the conferences at the cores of the giant component.

It would be nice to see the application add additional network display attributes like size, color, shape, edge thickness to indicate conference attributes like papers published, cited, attendees, and sponsors.  It is a nice example of the insights network visualizations can bring to a data set and the value of an interactive interface (and a web interface at that!) for investigating complex graphs.

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