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Workshop December 15th: Create your own twitter social network map

2009 - Connected Action LogoOn December 15th in Mountain View, California join me for lunch and a workshop on creating social media network diagrams!  We will provide a hands-on guide to creating maps of the collections of connections among people who tweet about various brands, topics, events, and concepts. Bring your own Windows/Office 2007 machine and we will set you up with the free and open NodeXL and help you create a map yourself of the topic of your choice.


For example, this is a map of the population of people who recently mentioned “NodeXL” in Twitter.

2009 - November 11 - NodeXL Twitter Network NodeXL

I see a large cluster of French speaking people who recently picked up on a tweet:

Twitterprofilephoto_normalseekoeur[Blog] Identifier des communautés et cartographier des relations sur Twitter avec NodeXL

This is a very distinct group from the second cluster around my own account and the recently created NodeXL twitter account.

In contrast, this is the map of all the people who mentioned the keyword “SharePoint” recently in Twitter.

2009 - October - NodeXL Twitter Network Sharepoint

This is clearly a much larger population and one with a dense core of highly connected individuals.  A number of peripheral groups surround the core.  Drilling in can reveal who the center of the center of the network is, a potentially highly influential person.

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