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2009 – C&T – NodeXL and Social Queries – a social media network analysis tool kit

2009 Communities and Technologies Conference

The Communities and Technologies conference is holding its 4th meeting in Penn State June 24-27.  This conference gathers a range of scholars interested in online community, social media, social networks, and mobile social software.  A paper “Analyzing (Social Media) Networks with NodeXL” has been accepted for publication in the conference!  Congrats to my co-authors!

2009 - NodeXL - Team

Paper TitleAnalyzing (Social Media) Networks with NodeXL

Authors: Marc Smith (Telligent Systems), Ben Shneiderman (University of Maryland), Natasa Milic-Frayling (Microsoft Research), Eduarda Mendes Rodrigues (Microsoft Research), Vladimir Barash (Cornell University), Cody Dunne (University of Maryland), Tony Capone (Microsoft Research), Adam Perer (University of Maryland, now at IBM Research), Eric Gleave (University of Washington)

Abstract: In this paper we present NodeXL, an extendible toolkit for network data analysis and visualization, implemented as an add-in to the Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet software. We demonstrate NodeXL features through analysis of a data sample drawn from an enterprise intranet social network, discussion, and wiki. Through a sequence of steps we show how NodeXL leverages and extends the broadly used spreadsheet paradigm to support common operations in network analysis. This ranges from data import to computation of network statistics and refinement of network visualization through a selection of ready-to-use sorting, filtering, and clustering functions.

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