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Conference: Enterprise 2.0 in Boston, June 22-25

2009 Enterprise 2.0 Conference

The upcoming Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston June 22-25 features several presentations of possible interest. George Dearing and I will both be on panels and, centrally, there is a presentation from Telligent co-founder Rob Howard about what is new at Telligent Systems:

Enterprise 2.0: Work, Productivity and ROI Today’s ever-changing workforce requires that enterprises tackle an array of shifting demands. Adapting to the various ways people collaborate and work together without actually being in the same place is now an organizational necessity, not just an option. Join us for this informative session as Rob Howard, Founder of Telligent and an innovator of online collaboration strategies, presents Enterprise 2.0 and social computing in the context of work, productivity and ROI. Enterprises that have embraced collaborative computing and analytics are realizing results in increased workforce productivity, expanded input and insight from customers and partners, and now have the ability to manage and report on the value of these efforts. Join us for this session and walk away understanding how you can prepare today for the future of work.

Speaker – Rob Howard, Co-Founder, Telligent

George Dearing from Telligent and I will both be on additional panels at the conference.  I am looking forward to the chance to present along with Kate Niederhoffer from Dachis again; we presented at Web 2.0 on the topic of “Beyond Buzz: On Measuring a Conversation” which I think was well received.  Details below:

In one panel, George will be talking about the role of social media in customer relationship management:

Web 2.0 and Selling #e2conf22
The idea that markets are conversations is common wisdom today. But when a handful of visionaries drafted the Cluetrain Manifesto about 10 years they could not have foreseen the explosion of Web 2.0 tools over the past decade that would bring customers so quickly and directly into all aspects of sales and marketing. Today’s buyers are not content to be passive recipients of controlled and targeted information; they are demanding an equal voice in the sales process, sharing information, engaging with other buyers in digital communities, and doing competitive research online.  That means sales people have to be smarter and learn how to translate the old fundamentals of good selling into “social selling” -a process to build trust, generate interest and eventually close the deal.

Moderator – Robin Carey, CoFounder and CEO, Social Media Today LLC

Speaker – George Dearing, Senior Corporate Evangelist, Telligent
– Mark Woolen, Vice President, CRM Product Strategy, Oracle
– Romi Mahajan, Chief Marketing Officer, Ascentium
– Timothy Jones, CEO, Buzzient

I have the great opportunity to rejoin Kate Niederhoffer for a panel along with  Bruce MacVarish (Avaya) and Daniel Debow ( to discuss the new measurements available when an enterprise adopts a social media platform.

Metrics in the Hands of Users: Empowering the Enterprise 2.0 Workforce #e2conf45
As the enterprise transforms, how do the metrics evolve and who owns them? We readily acknowledge the shifted priority on interactions, but how do we measure them and who does this information benefit most? Today’s enterprise is built on metrics that are relevant to business goals; management closely monitors progress. From hierarchy to flat: supplying the E2.0 workforce with metrics that facilitate relevant behavioral communicating with the right people in the right ways– will play a clear role in managing the change an enterprise will endure as it shifts its tools, processes and culture.

ModeratorKate Niederhoffer, Senior Partner, Dachis Corporation
Dr. Niederhoffer is part of the founding team at Dachis Corporation. She joined from Nielsen Online where she was the VP of Measurement Science, liaising between Research, Product, and R&D.

SpeakerBruce MacVarish, Director, Business User Group, Avaya
Daniel Debow, CEO,
Marc Smith, Chief Social Scientist, Telligent

My colleagues from Microsoft Research will also be presenting:

Technology Innovation – Exploring Beyond Social Computing Tools in the Market Today
We know what social computing tools are available in the market today, but how are researchers thinking about technology innovation? How are organizations using social networking and driving adoption? Microsoft Research has been working on projects that dig into the analytics of how the intelligence gathered can provide more information about the user or to enhance productivity and successful results for information workers. Come see some demos and hear about Microsoft Research team’s vision.

Speaker – Andrzej Turski, Principal Software Development Engineer, Microsoft Research
– Jonathan Grudin, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

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