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VIDEO: NodeXL demo from Eduarda from Microsoft Research Cambridge at EU Innovation Day event

My colleague, Eduarda Mendes-Rodriguez, recently demoed NodeXL at the Microsoft EU Innovation Day event in Brussels, Belgium.  She illustrates the value of network analysis in general with a social network diagram representing the voting patterns of United States Senators in 2007.  The results show the clear party-line clustering and the presence of a few fence sitters, one of whomn just recently changed party.  I think the difference between the two party’s internal cohesion is an interesting observation as well.  


Eduarda does a great job demonstrating the ease with which a sophisticated analysis can be implemented via the NodeXL interface.

NodeXL is about to cross 8,000 downloads and has several releases in the works to add better tools for laying out a social network diagram.

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  1. Would have appreciated if you could demo few more things on the same line. Already love this product, gives me a lot of ideas. Thanks

  2. Wow, this seems to be an extremely powerful tool. When coupled with other tools like Maltego, MaxMind, SQL, Google Earth, VisiWave, or NetOwl, this could bring massive intelligence gathering capabilities to every analyst (or every Internet-user).

    Kinda scary!

    You should add ‘Hacking’, ‘Intelligence’, and ‘Counter-Intell’ to your Meta-tags; I bet you would get more hits!

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