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Conference at Princeton: Studying Society in a Digital World

Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy
Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy

Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy is hosting a conference on “Studying Society in a Digital World”

Thursday – Saturday, April 23-25, 2009 at Princeton University

Here are some standout people and talks at the conference:

Lada Adamic, Michigan

Eric Horvitz, Microsoft: 
Through the Lens of a Large Instant-Messaging Network: Planetary-Scale Views on Behavior

Nathan Eagle, MIT: 
Scaling of Sociodynamics

Michael Macy, Cornell

Scott Golder, HP: 
Temporal Rhythms in Electronic Society: Examples from Facebook and Elsewhere

Jukka-Pekka Onnela, Harvard: 
Using Cell Phones to Study the Large-Scale Structure of Social Networks

Paul Resnick, Michigan

Matt Salganik, Princeton:
Community-Generated and Community-Sorted Information

Edward Castronova, Indiana:
The Emergence of Virtual Money: Results from a Virtual World Experiment

Nosh Contractor, Northwestern

Robert Kraut, Carnegie Mellon: 
Theory-Based Design of On-Line Worlds

Jon Kleinberg, Cornell: 
Spatial Signatures of On-Line Behavior

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