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NodeXL: Now with metrics API

The on-going NodeXL project team has a few new milestones!

Recently NodeXL crossed the 5,000 downloads mark!

I will present workshops on the use of NodeXL  at International Network for Social Network Analysis “Sunbelt” conference in San Diego in March 2009 and Communities and Technologies 2009 in June at Penn State.  More interesting are the classes being taught elsewhere that will make use of NodeXL!

The newest release ( adds key features for generating measurements of a complex directed graph.

NodeXL Select Graph Metrics Dialog
NodeXL Select Graph Metrics Dialog

Developers can access these measures directly through the Metrics API. (2009/2/18)

  • For new users, there are now no graph metrics selected by default, and you will get a message explaining how to select them the first time you attempt to calculate graph metrics. This is to make the Select Graph Metrics dialog box more discoverable.
  • In the Select Graph Metrics dialog box, some metrics are now marked as “slow.”
  • Each graph metric in the Select Graph Metrics dialog box now has a Details link that explains the metric and how it is calculated.
  • The graph metrics are now divided into groups.
  • Graph metrics now get inserted near the left edge of the worksheets. They used to get appended to the right edge.
  • For application developers, graph metrics are now available in a separate assembly. They used to be part of the Excel Template code.
  • Bug fix: Saving the graph image to the clipboard or a file via the right-click menu in the graph pane didn’t work properly if the scale of the graph was changed.
  • Bug fix: If an edge or vertex color was specified in the workbook, the opacity specified in the Options dialog was ignored.
  • Bug fix: If a graph had a self-loop (an edge connecting a vertex to itself), switching to and from another workbook caused an error. (The first line of the error message was “at WpfGraphicsUtil.GetFarthestRectangleEdge…”)

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  2. Hi.
    Is it possible to use these metrics with the WPF control, instead of Excel?
    If yes, how?


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