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Video: Instrumenting the interaction order: Tanzeem Choudhury speaks at the Networked Governance CCCSN Seminar 2009-03-02

On the theme of  instrumenting the interaction order, here is Tanzeem Choudhury (from Dartmouth) giving a talk titled: “Using Sensors to Make Sense of People: Inferring the Micro and Macro Level Properties of Social Networks from Mobile Sensor Data” which she delivered March 2, 2009 as part of the Program on Networked Governance CCCSN Seminar.

Program on Networked Governance CCCSN Seminar 2009-03-02: Tanzeem Choudhury from Networked Governance.

This is a very informative lecture at Harvard from Tanzeem describing her Dartmouth group’s work to create, deploy and interpret the data from mobile inter-personal sensors.

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