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Facebook social network visualizations

Here is a good example of an application of Bernie Hogan’s Facebook edgelist extractor. Alan Shussman used it on his own Facebook account and generated the following image:

Alan Shussman's personal Facebook egonetwork visualization
Alan Shussman's personal Facebook egonetwork visualization

Alan used the NetworkX tool and python to build this image of his sub-groups in Facebook.

It does work nicely to highlight the life-stage clusters of relationships that mostly stay inward focused, each school or work experience is a set of relationships that mostly link to themselves.

I will post a version of my own network shortly, but it is more dense and interconnected than this image.  It would be interesting to contrast several egonetworks to see how differently different people network with one another.

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  1. Interesting. I am using a private Ning social network to support a course on International Accounting. Do you know if this system or another are suitable for this platform?

    If any idea, please mail me.
    Best 🙂

  2. Thanks for this posting. I haven’t seen too many people using social network analysis visualization in conjunction with online social networks. I’d love to see more in-depth quantitative methods applied to these types of analyses for things like usability and UI design. Too often, web usability guidelines address a generic user, not accounting for the real social specificity of individuals’ social networks. Thanks!

  3. Hi – thanks for forwarding this.

    Sadly, these days I’m not developing the application any further, except on my desktop. However, on that application, I’ve been able to spruce up this work a little bit – here’s an example (my network). Its all automated, feel free to look me up for more info.

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