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NodeXL: Network overview, discovery and exploration add-in for Excel 2007

I am pleased to announce the return of our network overview, discovery and exploration add-in for Excel 2007 now called NodeXL.

Patterns of reply in email, created with NodeXL

Please visit for the add-in and the source code for the application.

Key features in NodeXL:

> Import data from existing spreadsheets and other network analysis application file formats
> Import data from email reply networks on systems with Windows Search and local stores of email
> Twitter API: pull twitter networks into NodeXL for exploration
> Merge duplicate edges from imported edge lists
> Calculate degree, clustering, and betweenness measures
> Generate subgraph images for every node
> Create clusters for collections of nodes
> Decorate graphs with control over location, color, size, shape or image, and opacity of each edge or vertex
> Dynamic filters: use sliders to filter the graph by multiple dimensions of your data about each edge or vertex

NodeXL graph and Excel interface
We welcome your comments, suggestions and best examples of NodeXL graphs on the Codeplex NodeXL discussion board.
NodeXL project group network
NodeXL project group network
The NodeXL Project Team includes:

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