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Workshop on Research 2.0

A while back I posted links to some research on Web 2.0 tools and scientific collaboration. For anyone who might be interested, there is a Workshop on Research 2.0 offered as part of the next Conference on e-Social Science. The call for papers was recently posted, and abstracts are due on 15 May, 2008.

Excerpt from the workshop description:

Participation in online, social networking activities has become highly popular in contemporary society. Commercial websites integrating with a range of Web 2.0 tools have created a new discourse, replacing the static, top-down nature of Web 1.0. Web 2.0 is also changing the way we do research. It has been envisioned that a well-designed social networking site can facilitate communications between scientists at different physical locations and in different disciplines, and can encourage them or at least make it easier for them to share their data and findings, and possibly recreate and reuse these resources. Research 2.0 is the term commonly used to describe the extension of Web 2.0 tools to support academic and other research. But do all lessons we have learnt from generic social networking sites apply to scientific social networking ones? Or are there any substantial differences between the two, given the specific needs of users working in scientific field?

Format of the workshop

This full-day workshop aims to map current territory of Research 2.0 (What Web 2.0 applications exist in research and how have they been adopted), and to identify the opportunities and challenges in the development and implementation of Research 2.0. It will consist of a number of short papers and a discussion session identifying promising research directions and initiating interdisciplinary collaboration.

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  1. we, at the Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), a constituent of National Council of Educational Reserach and Training (NCERT), India are conducting a 3-day workshop on Reserach Methodology for ICT in Education (with emphasis on web 2.0 tools) during Aug. 11-13, 2009. This will be conducted through EduSat. We would like to get more references of research studies done in this area.
    Vasudha Kamat, Joint Director, CIET (

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