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Registering your copy of NodeXL Pro – How to support the Social Media Research Foundation

The Social Media Research Foundation is dedicated to making tools that help people understand social media and social networks.

We produce NodeXL Basic which is available freely and openly to all.

NodeXL Pro offers advanced features for importing social media data, calculating social network metrics, sentiment analysis, and publishing reports.

NodeXL Pro is licensed to users on an annual basis:

Registration keys will be required to run NodeXL Pro starting in October 2015! 

Contact [email protected] for details!

A range of sample NodeXL networks and reports can be found in the NodeXLGraphGallery!

Your registration fee will feed our talented developers and staff so that they can make more software and services.

Your support keeps our projects (like NodeXL) active and strong, please contribute by upgrading to NodeXL Pro!

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